To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances;
to seek Him, the greatest adventure;
to find Him, the greatest human achievement.

Saint Augustine

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying"

I just read this.

Wow. Now I want to see that movie, since I haven't. Very interesting, very thought-provoking. Do please read it and share your thoughts! :) Excerpt:

But when all was said and done there was no real hope because there was no evidence that the magic worked. The old gods were silent. The priests were impotent. The pyramids and temples and ziggurats had crumbled. Then in the Springtime of the year comes Christ the Tiger. The Lion of Judah arises. The Great Aslan. The radiant, golden-maned beast who rises like the sun, or like a bridegroom emerging from his chamber.

(That line in my title is very Switchfoot-y and Jon-ish, isn't it?) ^_^

**My note to certain readers: our beloved Switchfoot's often-heard cry of truly living today, truly being alive, living in the moment, "Today is all you've got now" is NOT Epicurean. Clearly, the guys are calling us out of a kind of daily lethargy; it is true, after all, that "tomorrow never comes." Live this life to the fullest, for death (and eternal life with it) comes sooner than we think. Live out your faith now, before it's too late. We know they are Christian. There's nothing unChristian about "seizing the day" for Christ. Truly living each day does not = a life of excess. :)

**Note the second: liking pizza or "fine things" also does not mean you are "Epicurean", lol. Fr. only means it with regards to viewing such things as the only end in life, nothing else. Living in excess, living only for those things. That's where the problem is. :P


  1. interesting. i liked that!

    (and btw your title is a Fall Out Boy song, and to me it doesnt seem like it would be a SF or Jono song)

  2. Did you actually read what I linked? haha.

    Well, I did not know that, and it seems extremely un-FOB to me. How does it not seem Switchfoot-y or Jon-ish? He says stuff like that all the time. Just scroll through his quotes on LOBH, lol.

    Also, my title is taken from the line in question from the movie, Shawshank Redemption. I wasn't quoting no Fall Out Boy. xD haha.

  3. no i did read what you posted. it was interesting, and i know it was from shawshank redemption. but for some reason i thought that was like a "chainsaw massacre" movie thats why i never watched it. but idk maybe that line is just inscribed in my head as fob that i cant see Jon saying that. idk im dumb

  4. No, no, from what I know of that movie, it's set in American Indian/Colonial times. No chainsaw massacre. You know me, I couldn't stand that rubbish. :P

    You are not dumb and don't say that!!!

    You're just funny, but NOT dumb. I'm a little surprised you know FOB but w/e. xD They don't seem like a band you'd like.

  5. i used to like FOB when i was like 11. their one album "from under the cork tree" of w.e its called. i cant stand them now haha but maybe i should watch shawshank redemption now.

    (and i love how you put horror movies as rubbish. i dont perticularly like them either)