To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances;
to seek Him, the greatest adventure;
to find Him, the greatest human achievement.

Saint Augustine

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I've been reaching for the stars

So yesterday, since it is now barely Sunday, lol, was Lazarus Saturday. I had actually forgotten about it until a friend mentioned it on her blog. xD
Probably because I am Latin Rite (Western) and not an Eastern Rite or Byzantine Catholic, or Orthodox, as this day is more in their liturgical calendars than in our Western ones. :P

In honor of the day, whether or not it's on my calendar, lol, I am sharing this beautiful song by one of my newest favorite bands, Army of Me. The song is called "Rise" and I have heard it acoustic in person. :D

I was actually thinking of posting it yesterday, but better sense. You will see why. ^_^ Enjoy!

You may listen here, which also has lyrics.


I’ve been reaching for the stars
I’ve been stretching out so far
Am I getting any closer than I’ve ever been before?
I was lying in the gutter
I was crawling in the street
Now the servants are all sitting
in the most distinguished seats, so…

Rise, rise
Like a star you will rise

I’m rebuilding this house that was taken by the waves
This time I’ll make a mansion
This time I’m not afraid
I was lying in the gutter
I was calling in the streets
I was looking for an answer
The answer, it found me, so…

Rise, rise
Like a star you will rise

Strengthen my ankles, it’s time to walk
Rise up, rise up, my heart’s unlocked
I have been hiding for much too long
It’s time..

Rise, rise
Like a star you will rise
Dead man, come out


  1. i wish i could write/make amazing songs like these guys. . . . *sigh*

  2. Is this what you mean would make me "yell at you"? LOL. Oh, Mike, you know what I am going to say!

    Please stop this nonsense, you have a very clear gift for writing beautiful song lyrics, so do stop this right now! :P I mean this!