To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances;
to seek Him, the greatest adventure;
to find Him, the greatest human achievement.

Saint Augustine

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Greetings // Things That Never Die

This blog will be something of an experiment - trial and error. I will try to post fairly regularly, maybe aim for at least once a week? We shall see. It will be most anything, like my MySpace blog before this, and what my notes on Facebook often consist of. Poems, songs, articles and reflections of interest, quotes, and whatnot. Whatever may strike my fancy or pique my interest, give me pause or refresh my spirit.

This, my first post, will also explain where I get my blog name from. I take it from a poem written by Charles Dickens, "Things That Never Die." I sang a beautiful setting of it with my high school's Chorale. It was the "senior song" for the class of 2009. It will forever hold a special place in my heart for that reason alone - all the fond memories I have of choir, and of that year in particular. It was hard to say goodbye. The words themselves are a treasure, and I love them.

Things That Never Die, by Charles Dickens

The pure, the bright, the beautiful
that stirred our hearts in youth,
The impulses to wordless prayer,
The streams of love and truth,
The longing after something lost,
The spirit's yearning cry,
The striving after better hopes—
These things can never die.

The timid hand stretched forth to aid
A brother in his need;
A kindly word in grief's dark hour
That proves a friend indeed;
The plea for mercy softly breathed,
When justice threatens high,
The sorrow of a contrite heart—
These things shall never die.

Let nothing pass, for every hand
Must find some work to do,
Lose not a chance to waken love—
Be firm and just and true.
So shall a light that cannot fade
Beam on thee from on high,
And angel voices say to thee—
"These things shall never die."


  1. You never told me you were starting a blog!!!

    (and btw you have stolen my template) XD

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. I just emailed you, silly. ahaha. I love you! <3

  3. Just stumbled across this blog and could see just by scrolling through that it contains awesomeness! You have a new reader! And I have a new favorite poem! ;)

  4. Hi, RA!!! I am so happy you have found me here! Thank you! I am sorry, though, for my silence as of late. School is eating my time up! xD But I do promise that once my schedule lets up, I will write and post more. :)

    Yay! Thank you for following. :)

  5. That's fine! Your silence gave me a chance to catch up! You have a gorgeous blog and so many nice long posts!
    And thank you for following my blogs! :) Especially the poetry one, it doesn't get much love. :(

  6. Is your name Rosemary? I think I saw you say that somewhere? :)

    hahaha, that's good, that you could catch up! :) This really is such a newbie blog, just starting out, so I am honored to have you as a reader! Thank you so much!

    And you are most welcome! Your blogs are lovely, too, and I will try to comment as much as I can! I follow a boatload of blogs, it's ridiculous, but I will try to read and comment as I can! :D And aw, I wonder why not? It looked so lovely! :( I will try and give it some love. :)