To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances;
to seek Him, the greatest adventure;
to find Him, the greatest human achievement.

Saint Augustine

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A smile and a kiss from beyond the Veil

On a lighter note (compared to my last post), I'd also like to share something nice that happened today. :)

I went to Wal-Mart with my parents, to get a few things. I know, so terribly exciting! xD lol. Anyway, first thing, as we walked in, was a poster board by the carts advertising MJ's This Is It DVD premiere. :D I was happy.

Then, as we passed the electronics department, my mother's Michael-radar perked up. (I was off thinking about other things.) She said she heard Michael's voice, if softly. And sure enough, as we went around a corner, the 4 large, flat-screen TVs they always have right there were playing ... the music video for The Way You Make Me Feel!! I think we stood there, stunned, for a moment. Then, as we watched it, it went to a clip about This Is It and then played one of the extras that will be on the DVD. So apparently they already have the DVDs, but can't sell them, yet? xD We were not pleased, ahahaha. We must wait! But anyhow, what are the odds that would be playing? :)

Thank you, God, and thank you, Michael, for that sweet little surprise. <3 <3 It is such a comfort to me (and to my mother), especially on a night like this, which was not easy for me.

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